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    With a Key Finder in your keys, you can be notified when lost keys are found. 9 out of 10 lost keys return, 70% within 24 hours.

    Losing a key is always associated with hassles, annoyances and costs. A lost car key or coding of locks easily goes up to many thousands of danish kroner, that’s why you need to tag your keys, it's not worth the risk to not to, read more about TAG-IT Key Finder here...

    NB! TAG-IT marks are a one-time investment and not associated with any type of subscription.

    Here's how the TAG-IT Key Finder works:

    Each TAG-IT mark has its own unique ID number and a corresponding unique QR code. If you lose your keys, those who find them can quickly and easily scan the QR code on the mark and write a message to you. You remain anonymous, the message is sent to TAG-IT, which automatically forwards the message to your e-mail. ​

    TAG-IT is based on people's willingness to do a good deed, which is why we call TAG-IT - Powered by people.

    Use Key Finders messaging feature when you hand over your key to the craftsman, cleaner, neighbor or a tenant. Ask the recipient to scan the QR code and write a message to you, then you will have an e-mail as documentation of who has your keys.

    Product Information:

    - The Key Finder is made of PVC, coated with a durable resin.
    - The Key Finder comes with a black nylon cord.
    - Key Finder measures: h: 46mm b: 28mm

    The Tag-it Key Finder can be ordered with your own logo, read more about our Logo Key Finders here...

    Read our terms and conditions here ...


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