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  • Rainbow "I Love CPH" Key Finder Keychain
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  • Key Finder "I Love CPH"

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    With a Key Finder in your keys, you can easily be notified when lost keys are found. In fact, 9 out of 10 lost keys return, 70% within 24 hours.

    It is always associated with trouble, bother and cost when losing a key. A lost car key easily costs between 1,500 and 3,500 dkk, Transcoding or replacement of locks can also be quite expensive. Tag your keys with a TAG-IT Key Finder, it's not worth the risk not to.

    NB! TAG-IT marks are one-off investment and not associated with any form of subscription.

    Here's how the TAG-IT Key Finder works:

    Each TAG-IT mark has its own unique ID number and a corresponding unique QR code. If you lose your keys, the person who finds them can quickly and easily scan the QR code on the mark and write a message to you. You remain anonymous, the message is sent to TAG-IT, which automatically forwards the message to your email. ​

    TAG-IT is based on people's willingness to do a good deed, that's why we call it TAG-IT - Powered by people

    Produkt Information:

    The Key Finder is made of strong PVC and coated with durable epoxy.
    The Key Finder comes with a black nylon cord.
    The Key Finder is available in 2 different colors.
    Key Finder measures: h: 46mm w: 28mm

    The Tag-it Key Finder can be ordered with custom logo for orders over 250 PCS. Contact Us for pricing and more information.

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